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Cheap iPad 2 64GB

Second generation Apple iPad
Tablet computer buyers looking for quality and value have a good option when searching for an Apple computer: the used iPad market.
With a line spanning four generations and two different sizes, the popular device has been the choice for many computer users since the tablet was first introduced in 2010.

For bargain-hunters seeking a good used iPad at a good price, a second-generation iPad configured with a maximum 64 GB storage capacity is worth consideration.

The iPad 2, released in early 2011, represents an improvement over the first generation. The most significant additions are two cameras, one front-facing and one rear-facing, to allow two-way video conferencing, known as FaceTime. The device can also record high-definition video through its rear camera.

The iPad 2 has a faster processor than the first generation. It is lighter, thinner and has a greater display resolution.

Similar to the first model, the iPad 2 features Wi-Fi with 3G and Bluetooth connectivity. It is a device designed for users who want to read books, watch movies, browse the Web and play or listen to music. The built-in battery has a 10-hour life between charges.

Unlike the first model, the iPad 2 comes in a choice of colors: black or white.

Prices for used iPad 2 tablets with 64 GB storage capacity start around $330, according to information from the leading Internet search engines. Those prices will be higher depending on which color model the buyer chooses and on any included accessories.

A first-generation model is usually cheaper on the used iPad market. And while later generations possess improved features, they are newer models and thus will command higher prices even if they have been previously used.

The upgrades found in the iPad 2 make it a stronger tablet than the first-generation model. And with its faster processor, the device is not a huge downgrade from later generations, often a concern for buyers of used electronic equipment.

Additionally, the iPad 2 is not an obsolete model (Apple still offers new iPad 2s for sale in 16 GB storage capacity configuration only), so support will not be difficult to find.

An upgraded machine that is competitive with other models in its line makes it worth the slightly higher price it commands on the used market. Overall, a used iPad 2 is solid device that is capable of meeting buyers' needs.

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